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WAVE’s technical team expertise comes primarily from retired U.S. Army Corps of Engineers employees.  Using this approach, we are able to access top experts in the field associated with planning, design, construction, and operation of building and infrastructure projects. The best team is assembled for your project without concern for their corporate affiliation.


WAVE is one of the most experienced value consulting firms in the industry in the application of Design Quality Assurance (DQA) review and Value Engineering (VE) for Medical and Military Projects.  We do like to use technical members from the client's firm.

DQA review involves a thorough examination of Biddability, Constructability, Operability and Environmental (BCOE) aspects of the design.  The review method is used for all types of procurements - DesignBuild, Design Bid Build, Requests for Proposals, Searches Sought to name a few.  Although time and money may appear to have been saved in a limited design review initially, the resultant design documents may be unclear and uncoordinated leading to increased cost in the construction phase, leading to modifications and the addition of construction delay days to the project.  WAVE’s DQA service reviews design documents for errors, omissions, and conflicts to prevent as many Request for Information (RFIs), modifications, and claims as possible. We do not redesign the project.

Value Engineering (VE) was developed at General Electric Corp. during World War II and is widely used in industry and government, particularly in areas such as defense, transportation, construction, and healthcare.  VE uses a six or seven step program (including  information gathering, function analysis, creative thinking, idea analysis and development, and presentation) in an effective technique for improving the project.  It can be applied to facilities design and construction; to hardware and software development, production, and manufacturing; and to specifications, standards, and contract requirements.  VE is defined as "an analysis of the functions of a program, project, system, product, and item of equipment, building, facility, service, or supply of an executive agency, performed by qualified agency or contractor personnel, directed at improving performance, reliability, quality, safety, and life cycle costs."  It may be successfully introduced at any point in the life-cycle of products, systems, or procedures.  Because "costs" are measurable, "cost reduction" is often thought of as the sole criterion for a VE application.  However, the real objective of VE is "value improvement," and that may not result in an immediate cost reduction.


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